Silk Process

  1. You can open it from dark color point on the paper.
  2. Pour the silk worm eggs in the paper as shown.
  3. For improving the temperature of silk worm eggs take a cloth made of thread wet it with boiled water suck it completely and spread on the paper.
  4. To adjust the position Thermometer degree heat when the eggs are still being alive where the worms can grow.
  5. Live worms from egg shell by paper Khashave (with paper mesh), and separators to transmit to the new and clean platform.
  6. For the first step the living worms are feed by min half max one centimeter clean leaves which have been made by scissor.
  7. Leaves according to the size of the worm age (half to three inches) cut the feeding before the third instar stage.
  8. For having the leaves fresh its need to carry them before sunrise or in time of sunset.
  9. In this developed stage think for a wider location.
  10. Because in this developed stage the worms have lots of urinary so we have to take care of cleanness
  11. in time of spinning the spinner time is not yet finished so that He/She should prepare good location, warmness, wetness …
  12. After finishing the cocoon spinning we should collapse them in four or five days.
  13. At the time of cocoon collection, thin and frail cocoon, sick and dead worms, cocoon that is dirty inside and out, it remains in the cocoon of the card paper and remove the double cocoons. Safe cocoon of the frame and then collected by hand and extra strings to get crack.
  14. After collecting the cocoon quality, the Shfyrh’ Dispose of it by the sun.